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Born and raised in Arvada, Colorado where much of my youth was spent outdoors. Music also became a big part of my life. It wasn’t long that I began DJing at the Church Night Club and Compound Basix in Denver and Club Static in Ft. Collins. Currently residing in the Jacksonville, Florida. Producing house and trance music with variations of break beat, electronic, hard house and vocal progressive house, of either top 40 or underground sounds.

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One thing I think about when I get in front of a crowd is here Is a chance to think outside the box, to try new things, whether it be playing a new track, or transitioning from one genre to another or playing something that is exciting and new. Thinking outside the box is something that I believe many people do not try in life. Regardless, it is about keeping people on their toes. This is done by playing new music or by playing older music that people haven‘t heard in while.”


For me DJing has always been a comforting passion.  Music is a release and producing it brings peace to me when it gives joy to people and lets them dance off their burdens.  It has never been about just going to a club and playing any music or any song and having people dance to it. Mainly, what I think of it as is putting people on a roller coaster filled with hills and valleys, rises and falls, times of energy and of recovery. It’s a beginning and an end. It’s a journey and a thrill. How amazing it is to see a crowd having a good time. The DJs and the people who participate share memories together and sometimes those memories mean so much.”

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